​The album "The Missing Link" will be released on June 30, 2023.

​The album was originally planned as a spin-off from WFYB.TV, but is now intended as a link between the debut album and the planned 2025 work "M.A.R.S." consider.

​TML is a bit more progressive. Don't be afraid of weird beats and unusual harmonies. And despite "only" six songs, the album is over forty minutes long.

​"The Missing Link" is available on vinyl, CD and streaming services.

​You have to go back a bit: There was a problem with the production of WFYB.TV - the story actually comprised 17 instead of the published 13 songs. But four more numbers just didn't fit on the double album anymore. And as a kind of newbee to start with a triple album would be too brave. And anyway, 4 songs are not 2 sides of a disc. And now?

​We decided without further ado to leave tracks 5-8 out for the time being and resolved to release these songs as "The Missing ANYTHING" at some point.

​Now, two years after WFYB.TV, the time has come: THE MISSING LINK is released. But the album has become more than "just" a few missing songs. It is also a link to the forthcoming album "M.A.R.S." But too much must not be revealed yet.

​The band has also grown with the album - not just musically. There's still the problem that we don't really know what genre we really belong in, but someone will definitely tell us one day. We build on it. Until then, let's just call it Modern Progressive Rock...


DEC 9 - 2022


FEB, 10 - 2023


MAY 19 - 2023


JUNE 30 - 2023

​The development of a band, be it the sound or the way of songwriting, is known to be a never-ending journey. That's what makes it so exciting...

But What's different now?

​The sound of the album is a bit rougher and more edgy than that of WFYB.TV. And there are more guitar solos. These are very varied and actually not predictable. There are also many unexpected breaks within the songs and they didn't skimp on "offbeat" beats either.

​The vocal arrangements have also become more complex and Suzen brings new facets to the disc, from classical singing to growling.

​But what has been retained is the priority given to the vinyl sound. Also with this work there is a separate mix for the black gold and one for the digital media such as CD and streaming services.


​ The song "Bucket List" is about all the desires and wishes that protagonist Suzen has and wants to fulfill in her life. Her ideas do not correspond in part to the general world view and certainly rub some the wrong way - but Suzen has her very own idea of success: she wants to aim high and be at the top. Through her very personal list, she now always has her goals in mind and always remembers what she is fighting so hard for.


​ In "All I Want" it becomes clear that the road to fame and recognition is quite hard. But Suzen has to keep going and keep up appearances. She looks ahead and never loses sight of her goal. She knows that she has to invest a lot of time and work. But everything will pay off in the end and she will have her very own success - at least a little bit!


​The Album is more guitar-heavy than WFYB.TV and the rhythm lines are deliberate been played a bit more edgy. I think that goes well with the songs and makes it a little more airy. I was a bit more experimental with the solos on the go and I also connected wah and pitch pedals to my amp. I like it when an album has varied solo sounds. Can you hear them? Through the songs, you're guaranteed to notice when I've had too much Zappa or Gilmour heard beforehand. I believe listening to TML will never get boring come up and there will definitely be one or two surprises...


​​I'm always amazed at what's still possible musically. Free after Motto: Everything is allowed in art and just do it! That's how I got it development process for "The Missing Link" and that's what it sounds like to me the final songs. The album is mega varied and full of stuff Surprises. We have become more progressive, musically mature and dared to experiment more. Since my instrument is the vocals, I found it super exciting to play with the vocal facets and all to use registers that my vocal cords give so much. The great thing about ours Genre is that you are not stuck in any musical corset. Besides, I love our work with polyphony. Anni and I gave everything.